Letter of demand

Sending a letter of demand is often the first step taken by an owner of IP rights when they suspect a person or business is infringing.

An effective letter of demand will:

In most cases it isn’t a strict legal requirement to send a letter of demand. However, sometimes it may be needed to fulfil contractual obligations.
In some cases a letter of demand might not be the right option. It may give the infringer time to hide or destroy evidence and prejudice your case against them. In these circumstances you might consider going to court without giving notice.

Get advice

Before you take any action you should consider getting legal advice specific to your situation. It is important to know what rights you have, what remedies are open to you, and the cost and likelihood of success.
Proving infringement is an important issue that should be considered before taking legal action. Making an unfounded claim of IP infringement is legally prohibited and can result in liability for damages.

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